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My Favorite Websites!!

Cool Word of the Day
This site spotlight a new cool word each day.  It also features an archive of past cool words and phrases.  Show some bonhomie and maximize your word power!

Amazom Bookstore
I am a book lover. . . mainly mysteries.  I recommend anyone who loves to read to check out this site!  Not only does it have a huge selection, but the prices are great, too!

News of the Weird
Dip into the well of incredibly true events . . . Check out Chuck Shepard's full-length columns from 1992 to the present, getting a head full of the strange, the bizarre, the just plain weird but true news.

Cosmetic Reviews
I love make-up . . . all beauty products.  This site gives a run-down of all products currently available.  If you are hesitant to try a product, check this site out before your purchase!  You will not be

YoHi Alumni
Did you graduate from Nile C. Kinnick (YoHi)?  Well, if you did, then this site is for you!  It has all you need to know about the old and new school, as well as an email listing of previous YoHi grads.

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